Calligraphy Address Label for Envelope

Address Label

I managed to write out an address label in the dark the other night – okay, so ‘dark’ might be an exaggeration, but it was certainly dim. I think my writing looks better than when I can actually see what I’m doing. Perhaps for a future post I will experiment with blind-folded calligraphy? We did such things at art college.


Red address label with calligraphy…

Apologies for my photographs. They were also taken with the lights off and at different times of the day… therefore the red label kinda looks orange in one pic… then sort of washed out… you’d think that over the years I might have sussed out how to take pics for my blog. My excuse is that the goal posts keep moving as in the technology is always changing. I do read blog posts about it optimisation… but… blah… I don’t know why the top picture in this post looks blurry. Perhaps cleaning my glasses would help?

another-picture-of-a-red-address-label-by ms-scarlet-blue-there-is-white-writing-as-well-yawn-uk

Outgoing mail… as opposed to the mail that’s too afraid to go out.

Whatever, all this fussing over uploading pictures takes my attention away from things that I should be concentrating on, such as writing a Loopy Letter! So I will be away to do something more fun… and if you want to see clearer examples of these pictures then click on them and you will be taken to a better version.

Alright, Mr WordPress, I’m ready for my close-up….


Close up!!

Next Week

Another envelope gets dressed up to hit the sack…

11 thoughts on “Calligraphy Address Label for Envelope

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I would not be without my white pencil, Sarah! Much easier than an ordinary pencil on coloured paper or black. It’s also easier to erase than lead – a good investment all round!
      Thank you!

      1. Sarah

        Thank you so much Scarlet, that’s awesome, I find lead on black leaves marks, even though the lead is erased xxx

  1. batarde

    Looks smashing, Scarlet, and distinctly red rather than orange on my monitor at least. That stamp looks interesting …

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I think it’s my eyes… and my grubby glasses… and my grubby screen that might be making things worse! Thank you, Mr Batarde.

  2. lisleman

    Looks elegant. Blind-folded calligraphy – did you do that in a group? sounds dangerous with those shape pens. Might turn into a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game.


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